Star Wars Bedroom

I’ve finished the redo of the boy’s bedroom though “finished enough” is probably more accurate.  Are rooms ever really done?  Is there ever enough time, money, energy, inspiration to finish off a room completely?  Perhaps.  Though it has never happened to me.  

Some of these pictures are really bad.  I had to use my phone because the lens on my good camera couldn’t capture enough of the room and it’s winter which means there is approximately zero light for taking pictures.  But you can get the gist.  The boys wanted a Star Wars theme so that’s what we did.  We painted the walls a soft grey (Benjamin Moore’s Comet) and the ceiling a perfect navy (Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy).  This was a compromise from the black ceiling that they boys requested.  We found some great light saber nightlights that change color and we hung them above their beds.

The colors (not that you can tell from the pictures) match the bedding perfectly.  These are the quilts that I made the boys last year for Christmas.  

They were made out of twin sheets from Pottery Barn with minke fabric on the backside.

I refinished an old end table that we’ve had since the beginning of time using this really fun gunmetal colored spray paint that made it look like real metal.  The Star Wars alarm clock and lamps were also new.  We’ve been accumulating these things over the last year, slowly purchasing what we needed.

We found this cool light on the Pottery Barn Teen site and we were able to use a gift card to get it.  I think that it will transition nicely when the boys are ready to move out of Star Wars.  I guess I should say, IF they are every ready to move out of Star Wars.

Their very talented Aunt Mandy found and refinished a dresser for them.  I love the way it turned out.  It also gives them a nice place to display some of their Lego creations.

I hand painted these four Star Wars prints to look like the ones I found online that were out of my budget.  I was so proud of myself for how they turned out but the kids have been way less impressed.

I did spring for one non-mom-made piece of art and it was this cool trooper print from Etsy.  William can identify all of them.

Right before Christmas I sewed up a pair of new curtains for their room.  They aren’t hemmed yet in this picture, but I’ve taken care of that now.  I still need to make a liner for the curtains.  Some day.

Lastly, just yesterday I finished this storage/display for the Lego minifigures.  It turned out better than I could have hoped.

I painted our hold homeschool calendar (we’ve moved to using the white board) and then used super glue to attach little 2×2 Lego bricks to the front.  I had to order the bricks from the Lego site, but even then it was cheaper than buying on the fancy display boards off of Etsy.

The boys have so many Lego figures from all the sets they’ve put together over the years and they love that they can display them, but still have access to them for reenacting battles and such.  They have more mini figures than would fit on this board (really!) so I may go back and add more bricks to the board.  Aesthetically speaking, I like the white space because I think it balances the business of the characters… but the boys don’t care about that kind of thing.

We picked up a star projector for the boys for Christmas (the R2D2 that’s on their nightstand) and it adds the night sky that the boys were asking for so with that I’m calling it done.  I’d like to fix their broken closet door and hang the Ikea Lack shelves above their beds for more storage, but honestly it’s taken me a year to get this much done so who knows if I’ll ever get around to it.  They seem happy with it so I’m happy.

Next up (some time in the next several months) is Adelaide’s room.  I need to redo it so that I can move Oliver in there.  It’s time for him to graduate from our closet to a real room.  I don’t expect  this new development will go over well with Adelaide though we’ve been trying to talk it through with her for months now.  Some day the three boys may share a room, but for now it makes more sense to bunk up by twos.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars Bedroom

  1. I showed Nathan your LEGO minifigure holder and he wants one. I think it’s an awesome idea! We have sooooo many minifigures that this is such a cool way to display them. I’m copying this one–thanks for the great idea. BTW-the room looks great too. :) I miss seeing you at book club. Want to hose some time this year? We would come to you. :)

    • He’ll love it! I wish I hadn’t waited so long to make one, it really was an easy project.

      It would be fun to host a bookclub meeting. Let me see if I can come up with a good book first. :)

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