Tea Party

Adelaide really wanted a friend party this year in celebration of her 6th birthday.  She had definite ideas about her theme and what she wanted the decorations to look like.  She wanted a fancy tea party and asked all her guests to come in fancy party attire.

She planned out her outfit and picked her hair style out of the braid book that my cousin sent me.


She picked out Oliver’s outfit too and enlisted him as her “special helper.”  I think she had envisioned his role being that of a butler, but he ended up being more of a silent guest at the party watching all the girls giggle.

We used my nicest dishes and purchased a serving pieces and some “fancy” linens from the thrift store.  Ben took Adelaide out the night before to pick out fresh flowers for her table.  She was adamant about having fresh flowers.

Adelaide is a purest when it comes to food and doesn’t like anything mixed so we kept it simple with a selection of fresh fruit and veggies and a few sandwiches.  The girls enjoyed pouring raspberry lemonade out of the tea pot into their fancy cups.

The girls played and shrieked and giggled after lunch, before coming back to the table for cupcakes.  Adelaide made a quick change into a new party dress because I guess the more fancy dresses the better?

Before everyone left, I did a small craft with the girls which seemed to be a hit.  It was a cute party and it was easy to put together.  Adelaide was pleased with her party and that is all I could have hoped for.

National History Day

Since the beginning of the school year, Molly has been working on a massive project in her History class.  All the challenge history classes have to participate in National History Day, with each student selecting an approved topic and developing it into a beast of notes, reports, and visual aids.

Molly chose to focus her report on the Comfort Women in Japan in WWII.  Her topic proved to be timely as Japan released their first ever official apology just about a month ago.  She worked so hard and completed all the work on her own without having to be nagged once.  Her time management skills are excellent.

She made it through the first round of judging and will have a second round going against other schools in our area.  Good luck Molly!

Pinewood Derby Night

We had two boys officially participating in the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby this year.  They were two extremely excited boys at that.  Each made a car representing their interests perfectly.  Adelaide and Oliver teamed up to make a car for the sibling races though I’m not sure Addy gave Ollie much say when it came to choosing the design.

Although they didn’t take home any ribbons, Henry’s Seahawks car was pretty speedy and William’s missile launcher was well liked by his peers.  Addy and Oliver’s car made it down the track and even managed to beat another car in a race.  Not surprisingly, the boys are already thinking up plans for next year.

Queen Adelaide Turns 6

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a child as excited for a birthday as Adelaide was on the eve of her 6th birthday.  She was practically floating in the air, propelled by squeals of delight.  She had high expectations for her birthday, the first being breakfast in bed.  I got up early to make her requested crepes with whipped cream and strawberries, and bacon and orange juice.  Before I was quite ready, I heard her calling for me from her room in what I can only describe as a high-pitched whistle yodel very similar to how the princess calls her animal friends in the movie Enchanted.

The perk of a Sunday birthday is that everyone was home and presents could be opened early without having to wait for Daddy to come home from work.  She squealed when she saw her stack of presents.

She was excited with each one and eagerly tore into the paper.  It was really fun to watch.  Very few things compare to seeing a truly happy child.

I wanted to take advantage of the few remaining years I have left with a little girl willing to wear mama-made clothes.  I made her one dress using a t-shirt she’d outgrown, and two nightgowns out of vintage linens.  She was please and I think they turned out cute.

After presents Adelaide helped me assemble and decorate her cake.  I was so nervous about disappointing her.  She had asked for a wedding cake, just like the one from my wedding, but with flowers instead of polka dots.  Knowing my history of making pathetic looking cakes, I was sure she would be in tears.  However, by some miracle of magical 6 year-old rose-tinted glasses, she thought the end result was perfect and not a giant white monstrosity covered in tiny pink poops.

I should have a separate photo album for all of my epic cake fails.

After church, Grandma and Grandpa Johnson were able to come up and join us for dinner and cake which was a special treat.  At Addy’s request, we had mini make-your-own-pizzas.  She wanted to have all the toppings that Mod Pizza has (a restaurant Ben took the kids too a few weeks ago), but seemed okay with the standard pepperoni and such that we were able to pull together.

When it was time for cake, Adelaide was so excited that she blew out the candles before she even had time to consider a wish.

Grandma and Grandpa brought a fun doll house bookcase with them.  Addy loved it and Oliver did too which only created a few fights.  He wants to do everything Adelaide does right now and you can guess how well that works out most of the time.

Our little Adelaide Leora is growing up.  I’m not sure why 6 seems so much older than 5, but it does.  It seems like only yesterday that I was carrying her around on my hip.  Now she is so long and feels like a string bean when I hug her.

Adelaide loves to dance.  She loves all kinds of music and will dance to most anything.  She is a natural performer and loves the attention.  She wants to try cheer leading, horseback riding, and ice skating too.  She can’t wait to start piano lessons.  She loves all things girly, including clothes, make-up, glitter and shoes.  She spends a lot of time putting outfits together and spends a considerable amount of time posing in front of my mirror when trying to decide if she likes an outfit or not.  She is planning to grow her hair out forever and usually has specific hair style requests for me each day.  She wants to match what I’m wearing and often waits to get dressed until she can see what I’ve chosen for myself.  She has asked if she and I could get matching dresses which is a phase I know won’t last for long.  She really wants her ears pierced, but we’re mean parents and are making her wait until she’s 8.

Adelaide loves to draw, paint, and do any and all craft projects.  She loves to help me cook, but she has a long list of foods she won’t eat.  She loves fruit, crunchy carrots, steak, bacon, sugar, and McDonald’s, and no two foods can touch.  It’s a constant battle to get enough food in her, and I’m always telling her that her body won’t be able to grow unless she eats good food.  When I measured her on her birthday using our giant wall-mounted family ruler (our birthday tradition) and saw that she had grown 5 inches this last year, and remarked to me, “And that was without eating!”

Adelaide’s reading skills have exploded in the last few months.  She can read along with us in the scriptures and does a great job.  She is doing well in all of her schoolwork and really likes her science, gymnastics and kindergarten classes at co-op.  She loves to hear family stories and is often asking me to tell her stories from when I was little.

Adelaide is full of sugar and spice.  Maybe a lot of spice.  Ben tries to call her his little princess and she defiantly demands to be called a queen instead.  She is a girl who knows what she wants and doesn’t like to be told no.  She has a well rehearsed stink-eye that she uses often.  Her only complaint from her birthday, was that her brothers didn’t do exactly as she wanted them to that day.

This stormy yet sweet daughter of mine has a great deal of internal strength.  It is challenging at times to teach her to use it for good purposes, but we would never want to break it.  Her strong will is going to be an asset to her as she gets older.  If she can have the courage and strength to choose good in a world filled the opposite, she will find peace and true joy.

Adelaide Leora, we love you fiercely. Thank you for being a part of our family.  Just don’t grow up too fast, okay?


“If I had to pick between having Christmas delayed or having the Star Wars movie delayed, I’d pick Christmas.” — William, super excited to see the Star Wars movie


“You have too much.” — Oliver, said as he swiped the last piece of the apple I was eating for lunch


“I can’t read this.” — Oliver said sadly, bringing me his tiny set of scriptures

“When you get older I’ll teach you how to read.” — Me

“I not read this.” — Oliver, still sad

“Do you want me to read a little bit to you?” — Me

“Yes!” – Oliver, crawls up on my lap and proceeds to snuggle in so sweetly while I read a few verses.  He tries to repeat all the words after me.

“Okay.  I’ve got to help William with his math now.  I’ll read you some more later.”  — Me

“No!  It’s not snowing yet!” — Oliver, upset

“Were you hoping that Heavenly Father would make it snow if you read your scriptures?” — Me

“Yes.  I like the snow.” — Oliver, sadly looking out the window waiting for the snow



Puzzles, Puzzles, Everywhere

My house is covered in puzzles.  Oliver left these two puzzles in my room this morning.  He put them together while I was doing work on the computer this morning.

Down the stairs and into the kitchen and I find another puzzle.  I suspect Oliver was responsible for this one too.

A few feet farther and I can find another puzzle mess on the living room floor.  I suspect Oliver again.

Across the living room and into the entry way I find another puzzle.  It looks like their were two culprits involved in this one.

Around the corner and into the library and I find yet another puzzle.  Henry and I have been working on this one.  We just started it yesterday, but it is the 4th puzzle we’ve put together since Christmas break started.  I guess I know where the kids get their love of puzzles from.  :)


Winter Sports

The winter sports season is upon us.  Soccer is still going strong for Molly.  She played two games on Saturday.  One for her regular team and one as a sub for the team a year older.  She played well in both games.

The boys have started basketball.  It’s their first year trying it out and they are having so much fun.  They had their first games on Saturday and it was so much fun watching them play.  I was able to watch the first half of William’s game and saw him make a basket.  At half-time I had to race over to take Henry to his game, but William’s team went onto win.

Henry was super excited after watching his brother play and snatched the ball as fast as he could and ran it down to make the first basket of his game.

Ben and William made it over in the second quarter and were able to watch the rest of the game with us.  The little kids were about done with sporting events for the day.  I loved seeing the huge smile on Ben’s face as he watched his boys play a sport that he’s loved his whole life.