“I know I know I know.” — Oliver, said whenever he doesn’t like my correction/instruction


“Mom, my love life has taken a serious downturn.” — William, said sadly, after promising the cat treats only to find out we didn’t have any


“Oh Ollie.  This room is messy.  We need to clean it up.” — Me

“Me not a good cleaner.” — Oliver

“Oh yes you are!  You are a great cleaner.” — Me

“Mommy a good cleaner.” — Oliver

“Thank you Ollie.” — Me

“Mommy do it.” — Oliver

A New Journey

We’ve had some really big things happen around here.  Ben bought a business!  He and his co-worker purchased the company he’s been working for.  I am so proud of him.  This deal has been a long time coming and the stress that came from all the negotiations nearly killed us all, I kid you not.  To have it done/finished/settled/over, is such a tremendous breath of fresh air.

Ben has worked for this company for nearly 10 years.  He’ll have the same job, with some added responsibility, and we’ll be tight financially while we pay off the business, but it will be worth it.  It’s something Ben has wanted to do for a very long time and I’m proud of him for making it happen.  Here’s to the next leg of our journey!

The Washington State Fair 2015

We took a field trip to the Washington State Fair on Friday.  It would have been fun to have Molly join us, but she is in Junior High now and it’s much harder to take time away from school.  There was also a dance she wanted to attend, so there’s that.

I like going to the fair during the week because it really cuts down on the crowds.  We had a fun time doing some of our old favorite activities and finding some new ones.

Oliver was very happy to be at the fair.  He loves going on adventures and seemed especially interested in the animals.

The boys thought the paintball guns were pretty neat and it inspired all sorts of talk of wanting their own BB guns.

Adelaide was our only sheep rider this year.  She did really well and as always it was fun to watch.

After the fair we raced back home to make it in time for William’s football practice.  I was proud of him for practicing hard after a full day at the fair.  It must have paid off, because his team won their game the next day 26-0.


Our plum trees had an over abundance of fruit again this year and it came at a time (once again) when I wasn’t mentally prepared to deal with it.  I offered it out to friends to come pick, but most people were just as busy as we were.  Seeing wasted fruit on my grass makes me feel like an awful person even though the deer and rabbits surely don’t mind.

When the apples and pears took their turn, I wanted to do a better job.  The kids and I picked the fruit that we could reach and turned them into a delicious apple-pear sauce.  My friend and neighbor lent me her food mill which made the job infinitely easier.  The kids all fought over who got to turn the crank and tamp down the fruit for the first hour.  Henry lasted another 2 hours past everyone else and I finished it up on my own for the last hour.  Why does canning take so much time?

I couldn’t find a piece to my pressure canner so I processed the batches out on the deck using our camping stove.  It kept the kitchen from getting too steamy and it was a beautiful day making it pleasant to be outside.  I ended up with 11 quarts, after 2 exploded in the canner due to cool air hitting the jars before they could have their turn in the hot water.

The pears are so good this year.  I wish we had more of them to work with.  The apples are plentiful, but they aren’t the best eating apples.  They really need to be made into a sauce or pie.  I made an apple gallette (just a free-form pie) after all that canning.  I made it dairy-free and gluten-free which definitely limited it’s deliciousness, but it was still pretty good.


“I keep closing my eyes when I bless-you.” — Adelaide, talking about sneezing


“Ouch!  Ollie, we don’t punch.” — Me

“But I need to!” — Ollie


“Heavenly Father, please bless me watch more Spiderman, and more Spiderman, and more Spiderman… (about 6 Spiderman’s worth)” — Ollie, while praying


“I had a really weird dream last night.” — Addy

“What was it about?” — Me

“……………….” — Addy

“Was it scary?” — Me

“No.” — Addy

“Why won’t you tell me about it?” — Me

“I like to keep my dreams, you know… private.” — Addy


“That was awesome!” — Oliver, said any time he has a particularly scary fall

Fluffing the Nest

Our friends finished the remodel of their house and were able to move out of our apartment and back into their own home.  I miss them, but am happy that they get to live in their beautiful new house.  Our new tenant doesn’t need as much space, so I was able to move our furniture back into the craft room.  I decided to use the opportunity to switch things around a little bit.

It’s is all the same old furniture, but I arranged it in a new way.  I brought in our old television and set up an area for the kids to watch television or play video games.  We don’t have a cable box there, but they can still watch Netflix.

I know the room is pretty full, but it has everything I need for sewing and the kids for crafting.  I think it suits our needs well at this point.

The nest fluffing has continued and as a result I have several projects going on right now.  My first project was to finally finish painting the downstairs hallway.  It’s been about a year since we hired professional painters to pain the super tall walls of our entry way and upstairs.  We left the downstairs hallway for ourselves to save money, but it has taken me forever to finally finish it.  I even hung some art work (that we had in another room) to finish it off.  I love it!

To finish it off I purchased some inexpensive rugs and hand-stitched them together to make one long runner.  The new rug is much more my style and personality.

The inside wasn’t the only place getting attention.  We finally got that humongous pile of mulch I ordered off our driveway.  I butchered the bazillion rhodies lining our front yard and Ben helped me spread the mulch.  I am so glad that project is done.  12 cubic yards is a lot of mulch!

This post is “to be continued” because I currently have 4 rooms in various stages of being painted.  I’m one determined lady!

First Football Game of the Season

William’s football team had their first real game of the season yesterday.  It was fun to watch the team play.  Unfortunately, it was a tough game that ended in a loss.

Football has really been good for William.  It’s a tough sport to play and through it William is learning that he can do hard things.  He is also gaining more confidence in his physical abilities as his body gets stronger.  Learning the plays, strategies, and techniques involved with his position hasn’t come easily for him and I am proud of how hard he is working.

He’ll have games every Saturday for the next 7 weeks.  In addition, Henry will have soccer games every Saturday through mid November, and Molly will have soccer games every Saturday through mid December.  It is going to be a very busy season for us as a family.