Cats and Dogs

Oliver loves Spiderman right now thanks to a few super annoying YouTube channels offering product reviews.  He told me he is “Spidey-Awesome” and asked me to take his picture.

Then he requested a picture with his bat.  I have no idea why.

Adelaide is growing like a week and has grown out of all the dresses I bought her for her birthday a few short months ago.  It looks like I either need to get some sewing done, or visit Target.  Target will probably win.

I know it looks like Adelaide and Oliver are fighting, but I promise they were just being silly at the boys’ football game.  Although this was a lighthearted moment, they have been fighting like cats and dogs lately.  Everything is a competition and what one has, the other covets.  It’s getting really tiring.

So when I caught them playing nicely for a few moments and enjoying one another’s company, I had to snap a picture.

Family Dinners

We are trying a new thing around here.  Each child (except Oliver) is responsible for making dinner for the family one night a week.  We usually sit down as a family (often during dinner itself) and each kid decides what they want to make for the following week.  So far I haven’t put any restrictions on it, other than to limit the frequency of dessert.  Molly can make dinner on her own and the rest of the kids need varying levels of support.  It has created a little more work for me on the days that the younger children are involved, however overall it has been a positive experience for all of us.  The children like being guaranteed one dinner each week that they’ll love and I enjoy not having to come up with dinner ideas.

First Campfire of the Season

The weather so far this spring has been full of some truly amazing days.  I was able to take the kids to the beach a couple of weeks back and today it was in the high 80s.  Last week we had our first campfire of the season, which had actually been on William’s birthday wish list.  I’m so glad we put in a fire pit.  It makes for a lot of fun family moments.

Spring Break

Our spring break was not packed with excitement, but it was full of doctor appointments.  Molly had two physical therapy appointments, a follow up with the orthopedic surgeon, one dermatologist appointment, and a check up with the eye doctor.  This meant the little kids had to do a lot of waiting patiently and cramming into small exam rooms where there were never more than two chairs.  By the end of the week, I was out of bribes and patience and was in need of a serious mommy timeout.  Saturday night we were on our way home from a wedding reception that went past the little kids’ bedtime when Ben recognized the thinly veiled crazy in my voice and sent me out for some alone time.  I snagged Molly and made her come with me.  We enjoyed a late dinner out at a very quite Italian restaurant down the street and then made a stop at the bookstore where we each picked out a book.

I’m grateful that Ben is insistent that I take time for myself and I’m grateful that I have a teenage daughter who is silly and fun to be around.  Maybe this whole kids-growing-up things isn’t so bad after all.

Flag Football

Flag football started up again on this past weekend.  It was a beautiful day for it though I do wish I had put some sunscreen on as my face is still red.  A friend took this cute picture of some of the boys on Henry’s team.  When they weren’t playing their own game, the boys were running around playing more catch and pick up games.  It tuckered them all out.

Right after the games, Ben headed to the priesthood session of conference with his Dad and I took the kids out to Red Robin for dinner.  Oliver fell asleep just as we parked and slept all through dinner.  He’s never done that before !

Our spring sports schedule is relatively quiet for us.  Molly’s physical therapy is going slow making soccer an impossibility for several months.  We only have the boys doing flag football which is a once a week deal.  It means our schedule is much easier to handle, but Henry is going a bit stir crazy.  He is the happiest when he is getting a good workout most days of the week.  Hopefully with the turn of the weather, he’ll be able to spend more time outside burning off some of his energy.


This is Molly’s beehive class (12-13yr old girls) from church.  The Young Women had their New Beginnings activity last Tuesday in which they welcome all the girls that will be graduating out of Primary and into Young Women’s.  Young Women’s is essentially a church youth group that gets together on Sundays for lessons and Tuesdays for activities.  They do service projects, go on adventures, learn knew skills, and have fun.

Poor Pixie

We are down to two family pets.  A few weeks ago, as we were all getting ready for church, Sushi knocked over Pixies cage and killed her.  I came downstairs and saw her munched on body carefully laid out right in the middle of the front entryway.  I screamed when I saw the dead rodent and then kept screaming when I realized that the rodent was actually our pet.  I’m not typically a screamer so all the kids came running and then several of them burst into tears.

Sushi was ridiculously proud of himself and strutted around in front of me even as I was screaming.   I explained to the kids that we can’t be too mad at him.  He’s a cat and cats are hunters; he was doing his job and probably felt like he was protecting us as evidenced by his careful placing of the body.

It took Oliver a few days to stop spontaneously bursting into tears and sobbing, “I miss Pixie!”

Molly says she still hasn’t forgiven him.

We are not getting another rodent.