We had a little stomach bug hit our house.  It seems to happen at least once every year, but this particular one turns my little ones into sleepy cuddle monsters.  I’m alternately soaking up the snuggles and hoping that they’ll get better soon.

Poor Adelaide has had the roughest time.  She sustained a nasty bonk on the head when the fort that William was building collapsed on top of her on Sunday.  The rather large branch gave her a puncture on the top of the head that bled more than I would have thought possible.  (So much blood!)  I was worried about a concussion and when she woke up the next morning and threw up I was freaked out.  I’m slightly paranoid from all the concussion training I’ve had to do with our kids different sports teams.  A few hours later the fever started and I realized that she probably had what Oliver had come down with the week prior.

She woke up this morning and got sick on the floor next to my bed so we’re not quite out of the woods yet and I’m in that strange  waiting place of wondering if anyone else is going to come down sick and how many plans I should cancel.

T h i r t e e n

We’ve got a teenager in the house!  How did that happen?  Holy cow.  Molly turned 13 yesterday and we celebrated her with breakfast in bed, Jamba Juice for lunch, presents, family dinner, and … soccer practice.  The life of an athlete!



After soccer practice, we had ice cream with all sorts of toppings.  Everyone had a lot of fun making their own sundaes.


Molly is turning into a remarkable young woman.  She is smart and hard working and I never have to nag her to do her homework.  She loves sports and running and has become a very good soccer player though I think she could be good at any sport she chooses.  Molly still loves to read, but doesn’t spend as much time with her nose in a book anymore.  She is creative, artistic and has her own sense of style.  She is a good older sister and a great baby sitter of her siblings.  Molly loves animals probably more than people and maybe slightly less than candy.  She is fun to be around and to be silly with.  She is my partner in crime and shopping assistant.  She tells me when what I’m wearing isn’t great and sometimes I listen.  She is a person with strong emotions, blowing through like thunder clouds but passing quickly.  I love it best when she is truly happy because her whole face lights up and we get to see her beautiful smile.

I’m proud of Molly for making good choices this year.  Junior High can be challenging, but she remained true to herself and what she believes in.  I am excited to see who she grows up to be and am so grateful she’s our daughter.  We love you Molly!


William is always asking me to let him set up a stall on the side of the road and sell various things.  I always  say no because I’m not very fun, but it is his dream and he’s determined.  He caught me in a tired moment the other day and against my better judgement I let him sell the fruit from our overloaded plum trees.  He and Henry picked plums and loaded them into paper lunch sacks.  They sat at the end of our driveway with their sacks of plums in a red wagon, surrounded by handmade signs.

To my complete surprise, the boys made $18!  What?  Adelaide spent $4 of her own money even though she could have eaten the plums in our fridge for free.  The rest came from kind neighbors.  The boys were so excited!

Lazy Summer Days

Last week was crazy with soccer camps for Henry and Molly and cub scout camp for William.  Add in all the normal busyness of having a large family and…  It about nearly killed me.

This week is definitely less busy, but there are still lots of things to get done and yet I feel like a giant sack of lazy bones.

I get up in the morning and make breakfast for Ben and pack his lunch, and then as soon as he’s out the door I jump back into bed.  One by one the kids get up and join me on my bed as I use all means possible to procrastinate the day.  This can’t continue, I know it can’t.

I think the problem is that August is right around the corner.  August is my last opportunity to get life squared away before we hit the homeschool schedule again.  This is my last chance to get things done, fluff my nest, and plan out our school days.  I have a giant pile of mulch that is only half moved out of our driveway.  I need to figure out our homeschool curriculum ASAP.  I had it figured out and then I got a nice fat wrench thrown into my plans this morning necessitating plan B.  (Insert all the sad faced emoji here.)  My house needs a good cleaning and there are five different rooms I want to paint in our home.  Not to mention all the fun summer things I still want to do with our family!

Time to get moving.

First Harvest

We harvested our first squash from our garden.  All of the squash and tomato starts that Ben’s dad gave us are doing really well.  The seeds we planted are doing horribly.  Out of the 5 or so rows of carrots we planted, I think we ended up with 4 little clumps of carrots.  I feel like I planted them too late and the heat just baked them in the ground.  I’ve been watering them, but it’s been so hot.  So, so, so hot.  Where do we live again?  This can’t be Washington.


Ben went to do some finishing touches on the coop today and found three eggs!  They are so tiny and cute.  It looks like we got them in the coop just in time!

Ben finished up the floor and ladder so hopefully they can can start laying them in the actual nesting boxes soon.

Cub Scout Camp

Today was my day to help out as a den walker at cub scout camp.  It was hot and challenging to keep track of the 14 boys in our group, but it was fun to see what William has been up to at day camp.

My favorite station was probably the blacksmith station.  It was fun to watch and kind of made me want to convert a portion of our garage to blacksmith stuff.  However, I don’t think I have the time or money for another hobby at this point.

The runner-up for my favorite activity was the game station where the boys got to launch balls using a catapult in an attempt to knock over giant cardboard box buildings that they designed.  It was very similar to a giant game of Angry Birds.  The boys had a blast and I got to sit in the shade which was lovely.

This year was such a change from last year.  Last year, William clung by my side and was happy to show me everything that he was doing.  This year, it was much more of a “Bye Mom, see ya later!” kind of thing with him spending his time with his friends.  He is growing up and it’s fun to watch.