Soccer Tournament

Molly had her first soccer tournament with her new league team this past weekend.  (She is in yellow on the right.)  The tournament was about an hour North of us and it was hot,  hot, hot!  Molly has been working hard and has really improved over this summer.  I’m proud of how seriously she takes this new team.  Her team tied one game and lost two, but I expect they’ll do better once they’ve had more time to work together.  There were several people out of town, several subs, and plenty of new people so it was tricky.

I brought all of the kids with me to the first game, Friday afternoon.  The older three were fantastic, but Oliver was a mess.  He’s reached the age where it isn’t fun to bring him anywhere.  Ever.  On Saturday, Molly had two games, one early in the morning and one in the evening.  Ben took her to the morning game and then I drove up for the evening game.  It worked much better that way.  In between games, Molly hung out with her team and rested up for the next match.  Her coach has been working on team unity and building the team relationships.  I think it’s great.

Molly’s next tournament is in two weeks and though she will be with her other house, they have agreed to take her.  It’s wonderful, because Molly really wants to go and there will be more people in town so her team should play better.  It’s a little closer too, which will be nice.  Go Molly!


Baby Ballerina

Adelaide had her ballet recital this weekend.  She took a ballet class this year that was for 2-3 year-olds so it was mostly creative movement with a pinch of ballet thrown in, but she adored it.  She loves ballet and it makes my heart jump for joy.

Adelaide was super excited for her recital.  Not only was she able to finally wear the ultra fancy costume, but she was also supposed to wear makeup.  I’m pretty sure she thought it was the best day ever.  It’s funny to me that she would be so excited about makeup seeing as I barely ever wear any myself and if I do it’s barely noticeable.  Maybe it was the fact that I have  a drawer of makeup that she is usually forbidden to play with, that was now open and being used for her.

Henry had a game and team party that conflicted with the recital so we divided and conquered.  Ben took Addy to the dress rehearsal so he was able to see her dance in person.  Molly and I took Addy to her actual recital and it was so much fun to see her perform.  She had a huge smile on her face the entire time and was not phased by the audience one bit.  She is a natural performer.  I tried to capture a video on my phone of her 45 second dance, but it didn’t work out very well because I couldn’t see over the people in front of me (short people problems) and then the lady right in front of me kept moving her head around like some sort of possessed snake.  Not that I am bitter or anything.

Watching all the different classes dance on stage really made me want to teach ballet.  I kept picking out corrections I wanted to give and things I wanted to teach them.  I wish there was room in my life right now for teaching ballet, but there isn’t.  It is more important to me to be there for my own children and available to take them to their activities and support them in their endeavors.  Maybe someday.

Watching a Game

Something happens to my kids when we arrive at the ballpark causing them to scatter in all directions.  No matter how hard I try, they refuse to make things easier on me by staying somewhat close together and out of danger.  This evening, Molly was walking Toby, trying to keep him from spazzing out every time a dog walked by.  Oliver busied himself by throwing and chasing a baseball and trying to walk the retaining wall.  Henry glued himself to the fence on the other side of the team dugout far out of my sight.  William, who I was actually there to watch, was somewhere on the field.  Adelaide had to go to the bathroom twice within the first 10 minutes otherwise I probably wouldn’t have seen her at all.  By the time Ben arrived at the field I was ready to throw a giant screaming fit.  Sometimes having five kids actually feels like having 500 kids.

May is for Baseball

It’s May and more often than not, that means you’ll find us at the ballpark.  AstroTurf fields mean that games continue on, rain or shine.  I’m not going to lie, when it rains I hide out in the car with the little kids.

Monkey see, monkey do and so it is with Oliver.  He’s picked up on what the big boys are doing and has demanded to be a part of the action.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a cuter ballplayer.















Baseball Weekend

It was a weekend of baseball.  It started with William’s game on Friday evening.  I had to drop off Molly at her other house, but I made it back to catch the end.  The weather was just sprinkling enough to make a beautiful rainbow.  Oliver proved to be quite challenging so I spent a lot of time just outside the fence letting he and Adelaide roam.

Saturday morning we returned to the fields for William’s baseball pictures and another game.  The weather was decidedly less nice and blasted us with wind and unpleasant rain.  After William’s game, it was Henry’s turn for pictures and his game.  I was able to walk circles around the park with Oliver in the stroller until he fell asleep.  I was just settling into the bliss of actually getting to watch a few minutes of Henry’s game when an absolute downpour started.  We were all totally drenched within minutes and I called it quits and started hauling everyone to the car.  The rain was coming down so hard I could barely see.  It woke up Oliver even though I had him hidden under my coat.  By the time I got everyone loaded in the car, Ben and Henry marched over to tell us the game was officially cancelled.  Henry was very disappointed, especially after watching William’s game and waiting all day for his own turn to play.

It is sometimes challenging to get everyone to weekly practices and to keep the littles occupied through the long 2-hour games, but it is worth it.  The boys love it so much.  William has moved up to kid-pitch baseball this year which has been a difficult transition.  The kids are all new to pitching so there are a lot of walks and sometimes the only action comes from stealing.  It can be discouraging at times, but William made a really great play and caught a pop-up at first base which was a nice boost to his confidence.

Henry is doing coach-pitch which is an enjoyable step up from t-ball.  Everyone gets to hit the ball, but there are actual outs made which helps the game to move along at a nice pace.  He has been working hard at his baseball skills and is doing great.  He really loves sports and is motivated to work hard so he can do well.

Henry’s Team

I just had to post this picture of Henry’s soccer team.  I happen to think their coach is a mighty handsome man.  :)

Henry’s last game of the season was on Monday.  He’s had so much fun this year playing soccer.  He’s attended a camp before but this was his first time on a team and he did so well.  He is such a spitfire to watch.  He was super sad that his season was over and cried when we got home.  This little boy of mine LOVES sports.

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer!

Henry isn’t the only one whose soccer season has started.  Molly joined a new team this year (because we moved) and she had her second game yesterday.  All the games are at the same sports complex (easy!), but there are several different fields and it’s sometimes hard to find the right one.  I pretty much just drive around until I see girls wearing the right colored jerseys.

She is playing on a full-sized field this year which seems so huge.  She is definitely tired by the end.  Yesterday she was playing center forward and was mowed down by an overly aggressive player on the opposite team.  She was hit hard and I was worried but she picked herself up and kept going.  She is tough!

It’s really fun to watch her play and she is loving her new team.  She hasn’t been able to be on a local team before (we traveled last year to get a team that played on Saturdays) and is loving having so many new friends.  Some of the girls even go to her same school.  With all the friends she’s made at soccer, church, school, and the neighborhood, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Molly so happy.  It is absolutely wonderful.

Henry’s First Soccer Game

Last summer we put Henry in a soccer camp and he really liked it so we went ahead and signed him up (at the last minute) for fall soccer.  He’s U6 which means that he has a weekly 30 minute practice followed by a short game with two 10 minute halves.  Up until a few weeks ago, Henry’s team didn’t have a coach, so Ben stepped up and is now coaching the team.  Today was the first practice and game.

Henry did really well and was not afraid to jump right into the action.  He scored 3 out of  his team’s 4 goals.  There is no score-keeping, but unofficially they won because the other team didn’t get any goals.

We all had fun cheering him on from the sidelines (except Molly who was at her own soccer practice).  I think this is going to be a fun season!

We are finding that extra-curricular activities are so beneficial for our kids.  It does make our lives very busy and scheduling a bit difficult, considering our many children, but it has been so good for our kids.  They are happier, get more exercise, have more confidence and get to explore talents and interests.  I think it’s especially important since we homeschool.  Homeschooling is great, but I think you have to fight to make sure that you don’t isolate your family too much.  Too much time at home is not good for anyone.  

Last Class

Adelaide had her last ballet class yesterday.  It was just a short 4-day summer camp where the little ones got to dance and do princess crafts.  She adored every minute of it and was just as excited for her last class as she was for the first.  The parents were invited to attend the last 15 minutes to see what the little ones had been working on and I may have just taken 1 million videos in that 15 minutes.  She is just so darn cute.

They learned a little dance and Adelaide was trying so hard to keep her feet in first position.  I’ve never seen her pay attention to something so closely.  You can bet there will be dance classes for Adelaide this fall.

Baby Ballerina

Adelaide has been asking to take a ballet class for at least the last year.  I finally found something for her, a week long fairy tale ballet camp.  Today was her first class and she was so excited.  She had her bag packed, her ballet clothes on and was ready to go far ahead of when it was time to leave.  She even went and put her ballet bag in the car so she would be ready.  Her bag held her ballet slippers and a special snack I had packed her.

She was so happy when I told her it was finally time to leave.


She had no problems being dropped off for class.  The cuteness in the room about killed me.  I made sure to come a few minutes early to pick her up so that I could snap a few (a lot) pictures and videos.  She has a class each day for the next few days and then a little performance on Thursday.  I don’t know who is more excited, Adelaide or me.