Henry’s Team

I just had to post this picture of Henry’s soccer team.  I happen to think their coach is a mighty handsome man.  :)

Henry’s last game of the season was on Monday.  He’s had so much fun this year playing soccer.  He’s attended a camp before but this was his first time on a team and he did so well.  He is such a spitfire to watch.  He was super sad that his season was over and cried when we got home.  This little boy of mine LOVES sports.

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer!

Henry isn’t the only one whose soccer season has started.  Molly joined a new team this year (because we moved) and she had her second game yesterday.  All the games are at the same sports complex (easy!), but there are several different fields and it’s sometimes hard to find the right one.  I pretty much just drive around until I see girls wearing the right colored jerseys.

She is playing on a full-sized field this year which seems so huge.  She is definitely tired by the end.  Yesterday she was playing center forward and was mowed down by an overly aggressive player on the opposite team.  She was hit hard and I was worried but she picked herself up and kept going.  She is tough!

It’s really fun to watch her play and she is loving her new team.  She hasn’t been able to be on a local team before (we traveled last year to get a team that played on Saturdays) and is loving having so many new friends.  Some of the girls even go to her same school.  With all the friends she’s made at soccer, church, school, and the neighborhood, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Molly so happy.  It is absolutely wonderful.

Henry’s First Soccer Game

Last summer we put Henry in a soccer camp and he really liked it so we went ahead and signed him up (at the last minute) for fall soccer.  He’s U6 which means that he has a weekly 30 minute practice followed by a short game with two 10 minute halves.  Up until a few weeks ago, Henry’s team didn’t have a coach, so Ben stepped up and is now coaching the team.  Today was the first practice and game.

Henry did really well and was not afraid to jump right into the action.  He scored 3 out of  his team’s 4 goals.  There is no score-keeping, but unofficially they won because the other team didn’t get any goals.

We all had fun cheering him on from the sidelines (except Molly who was at her own soccer practice).  I think this is going to be a fun season!

We are finding that extra-curricular activities are so beneficial for our kids.  It does make our lives very busy and scheduling a bit difficult, considering our many children, but it has been so good for our kids.  They are happier, get more exercise, have more confidence and get to explore talents and interests.  I think it’s especially important since we homeschool.  Homeschooling is great, but I think you have to fight to make sure that you don’t isolate your family too much.  Too much time at home is not good for anyone.  

Last Class

Adelaide had her last ballet class yesterday.  It was just a short 4-day summer camp where the little ones got to dance and do princess crafts.  She adored every minute of it and was just as excited for her last class as she was for the first.  The parents were invited to attend the last 15 minutes to see what the little ones had been working on and I may have just taken 1 million videos in that 15 minutes.  She is just so darn cute.

They learned a little dance and Adelaide was trying so hard to keep her feet in first position.  I’ve never seen her pay attention to something so closely.  You can bet there will be dance classes for Adelaide this fall.

Baby Ballerina

Adelaide has been asking to take a ballet class for at least the last year.  I finally found something for her, a week long fairy tale ballet camp.  Today was her first class and she was so excited.  She had her bag packed, her ballet clothes on and was ready to go far ahead of when it was time to leave.  She even went and put her ballet bag in the car so she would be ready.  Her bag held her ballet slippers and a special snack I had packed her.

She was so happy when I told her it was finally time to leave.


She had no problems being dropped off for class.  The cuteness in the room about killed me.  I made sure to come a few minutes early to pick her up so that I could snap a few (a lot) pictures and videos.  She has a class each day for the next few days and then a little performance on Thursday.  I don’t know who is more excited, Adelaide or me.

A Few Pictures From Saturday

We started off our Saturday with Henry’s baseball game.  He had a couple of good smacks of the ball and did a good job fielding.  He has really bounced back from his injury.

After the game we made a brief stop at the farmer’s market that was set up nearby.  It was definitely not the largest market I’ve ever seen, but it did kind of make me want to set up a booth and sell stuff.  Maybe next year.

On the way back from the market we picked up lunch and then headed over to the church because it was our family’s turn to clean the building.  After sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and tidying, we all practiced bearing our testimonies over the pulpit.

And then guess what?  More baseball!  William’s game was in the afternoon.  He played a great game and did some great fielding as well as having some great hits.  He even got a double.


Sunshine and Baseball and Stuff

This has been a baseball week.  The boys had games everyday from Wednesday to Saturday.  Henry’s been working on his range of motion in his arm and I’ve been working on not hovering over him like an overprotective hen.  Ben worked with Henry a bit and deemed him healthy enough to field in his game on Saturday.  He probably would have let him bat too if I hadn’t been such a worry wart.  Henry got to play pitcher, left field and right field.  He sat on the bench when his team was at bat.  I think that in another week he’ll be ready to bat.  I can see that he is getting stronger every day but he is still working on being able to rotate his lower arm from a palm-up position to palm-down position without moving his elbow.

After a solid 3 hours of baseball engagements Saturday morning, Ben and I worked on the yard for a couple of hours.  Ben mowed and I weeded, but I swear it doesn’t look like I’ve done anything at all.  Ben found some frogs while mowing which the kids loved.  Last time he mowed he ran over a rat, so I guess mowing brings all sorts of surprises.  I should mention that Ben’s not the only animal hunter in this house, Tim Tim made his first kill yesterday.  I called him inside and he came sauntering in with a dead mouse in his mouth.  I thought for a second that he had grass stuck to his face but it was a mouse tail.  I panicked a bit and Ben tried to usher the cat back outside with his kill but Tim Tim kept batting the dead mouse across the room on his way out the door.  It was quite funny looking back, but quite gross when we were in the middle of it.  I found out later that Tim Tim kindly brought his dead mouse up to the apartment over our garage and left it for Ben’s cousin Paul.  Nice move Tim Tim.

Oliver wasn’t such a fan of the sun.  I slathered him in sunblock (except for a patch of his face that I must have missed because it turned bright red this morning) and gave him a sunhat and sat him in the shade, but even then he wasn’t happy.  Later that night he double-fisted a snow cone into  his mouth and then this morning Ben discovered that Ollie had cut his first tooth so maybe he was teething and not a hater of the sun after all.  He seems too young to be getting teeth what with not even being 6 months old yet.

In other random news:

  • My computer seems to be possessed of an evil spirit.  In the very least, it hates me.
  • I’m turning 35 next month which has me pondering all the various eye creams on the market.  I’ve been noticing the faintest of crows feet beginning around my eyes.  It’s silly that I’d even notice considering I’ve had deep frown lines since I was like 7.  I’m pretty sure I was born scowling.
  • I want chickens, bees and a dog.  Maybe not in that order, and definitely not for awhile, but someday.
  • A few weeks ago our septic alarm went off at 3:30 in the morning.  It turned out to be faulty wiring that we’ve since fixed.  We now have a nice trench in our concrete that we’ll have to fix at some point.  I’ve learned a few things about being on septic.  1.  I don’t like it.  2.  When something goes wrong, I always imagine a giant explosion of poo happening in the backyard.  3.  I’m pretty sure septic guys are paid to stand around in your backyard looking down holes.  Every time I looked outside they were standing around looking at another hole… and they made nice amount of money doing it.
  • I danced in a Broadway type musical number for a church activity last month.  I was super nervous about doing it, but it was a lot of fun and it reminded me how much I enjoy dancing.
  • Ben is playing his french horn in a church production tonight.  He hasn’t played since we’ve been married (8 years this month!) and I don’t know how long before that, so this opportunity has been really fun for him.
  • Adelaide is potty trained.  Unless I declare this fact to anyone in which case she’ll pee her pants.  Without fail.
  • I’ve been hanging artwork on the walls.  I can’t tell you what a difference this makes in helping this house feel like our home.

I certainly have a lot of random things to say!  Perhaps I should try and blog a little more often so they don’t pile up.

I have been keeping up on my picture-a-day blog, so that helps a little.

On the DL

Henry suited up and went to his first t-ball game this season.  He brought his mitt (even though he can’t fit it on his hand) to catch any balls that might come over the fence toward him.  He sat on the bench and watched all the action.  It broke my heart just a little bit.  At the end of the game he got to have part of the team snack which almost made up for not getting to play.  Henry is a good kid.

Game Ball

William earned the game ball at his baseball game today.  It was definitely his best game to date.  He hit the ball off the machine at all three of his at-bats.  He played third base and short stop and left field this game and did a great job.  He was so proud of himself.  We are too!

Conference Saturday

I love conference weekend.  Twice a year we get to listen to the prophet and apostles speak at General Conference from the comfort of our own home.  I always take notes to help me pay attention and usually I try to have some sort of packet for the kids to color while they listen.

All the kids did great, but William especially impressed me.  He was listening and paying attention and even told me what his favorite talk was at the end of the day.  Usually I try to make something delicious to go along with all the lounging and today it was strawberry and Nutella crepes.  So delicious!

In between sessions of conference, William had his first baseball game.  It was absolutely the most miserable weather for a baseball game.  It was cold with pouring rain and a side of wind.  Addy and Henry lasted about half an inning before I had to race their shivering blue little bodies back to the car for some warmth.  At Ben’s wise suggestion, I took them to McDonald’s for some hot chocolate.  We brought one back for William who was positively frozen and then parked in a questionably legal spot so that we could watch the remainder of the game from the car.  Ben pulled William into the car before his turn to bat so that he could thaw out a little.  They eventually decided to end the game early and let us all go home to dry out.

It’s too bad it was such awful weather, because William was so excited for his first game.  This is his first year playing machine-pitch baseball.  They get 10 tries with the machine and then tee comes out if they weren’t able to hit it.  At least that’s what happened today.  This year there are also outs which makes it a lot more interesting, though there still isn’t any keeping score.