Crazy Cat Lady in Training

Ben teases me about all the cat pictures and videos I post on Instagram, but I just can’t help it.  Besides, the photos I share are just a teeny tiny bit of the 1 million pictures I take of the kitty every day.

Sushi loves to sleep on my lap while I teach the kids school.  I love, love, love it.  It’s pretty much the best every.


He also likes to keep me company while I sew.  The craft room is a favorite of both the kitty and the dog and they both try to occupy the space right under my chair.



Sushi also likes to bite my foot when I try to use the pedal.


I had high hopes when we pulled out the Christmas tree that Sushi would climb into it.  So far he’s only done some minor nibbling though.


Toby no longer wants to eat the kitty.  They have become somewhat of friends.  They play together and on rare occasions, even nap together.





I love having a kitty.  Ben thinks that I love the kitty more than the dog, but that isn’t true.  I love them both.  I’ve just missed having a kitty and I love his kitty naughtiness.

December School Activities

Tis the season of many activities.  Molly’s school had a Christmas musical performance this week.  Molly sang with the choir which I so nicely documented by snapping this blurry photo with my phone.  They did a great job and in my opinion were one of the best of the night.

Our co-op classes have closed down for a nice long break, but not before having the annual kid’s sale day.  This year the kids each made something different.  Adelaide made cinnamon salt dough ornaments.

Henry made tribal arrow ornaments out of twigs, beads, wool yarn, feathers, and bits of leather.

William used the pocket knife he purchased with his own money to whittle sticks and then he painted them to make little Santas.  I think everyone’s craft turned out so cute.  They each made enough money to purchase some things at the sale from other students and still have some leftover.  Except for Henry, who spent all his earnings on a cool terrarium.

A New Wolf

We showed up for pack meeting last night and had quite the surprise.  William earned his Wolf and four arrows!  I knew he was close, but not that close.  I guess I have not been on top of what they’ve been doing in their den meetings each week.  He was so proud and happy.  Now he is working on his Religious Knot and more arrow patches.

A Night in Bethlehem

The theme for our ward Christmas party this year was “A Night in Bethlehem.”  They did such a good job putting it together.  Everyone came in costume and had to pay a tax in the way of a canned food donation and we got four gold coins in return.  I forgot our canned item so we were sent to debtors prison where we had to eat stale bread, tepid water, and sing a Christmas  hymn to get out.  We also had to each pay one of our gold coins.  The kids were really worried that I’d cost them desert but it turned out okay.

The food was really well done and fun.  There was a booth set up where you could play a game of chance with your gold coins or trade them in for chocolate.  Henry especially liked this booth.

The primary children split into two groups for musical numbers during the live nativity.  The girls sang as angels and the boys were shepherds.  It was a fun activity that still brought the focus where it should be this season.  I think it made a good impression on the kids.

Getting Festive

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.  The boys are working on Christmas songs during their piano practice everyday, gift making has begun, gift ordering is well under way, winter fattening has commenced, and tonight I pulled the decorations out of the attic and the kids attacked the tree with them. 


In pulling out the ornaments I remembered that I made a separate ornament for each of the kids last year as a gift with the intention of making it a new tradition.  I either have to reconsider that tradition or get a move on it.

I tried to keep the breakable ones put away for another year, but Oliver found them anyway and there were a few casualties.  He is a whirling tornado of happiness so I can’t stay mad for too long.


I am so happy that I have a place to display our Nutcrackers and my house ornaments this year.  For the first time since we’ve been married, they are all set up safely out of the reach of small hands.  I had given up on putting up the Nutcrakers a few years ago and last year I shed more than a few tears while supergluing some of my house ornaments back together so this really is a huge deal.  Hooray for built in shelving!   

William participated in all the merry-making by alternating between snuggling the cat and being obnoxious.  Silly boy.


“I wish there was no such thing as school.  Just math… and computer programming… and science.” — Henry, complaining about school, but secretly still liking it


“I think all grandmas should have grey hair.  It looks good and I just like it.” — Adelaide

Giving Thanks

We had a nice laid-back Thanksgiving this year.  The food was good, everyone was happy, and we watched football and the Macy’s parade on television.  I didn’t try anything new or daring with the food so there wasn’t anything to stress over either.  Thanksgiving 2014 goes down as a winner in my book.

A few days before Thanksgiving, the kids and I made a gratitude tree.  They drew pictures or wrote down the things they were grateful for on leaves that I taped up on the dining room wall.  William put a lot of thought into his and Henry tried to out-do  him by sheer numbers.  Adelaide wanted to write hers out but I was helping so many people at once that usually she started writing one word but ended up with the letters for something I was  helping the boys write.  Oliver only wanted to write on the orange leaves and carefully sorted through the pile on the table to find them.  He snorted letting us know that he was drawing pigs and one even ended up like a little face.