Ben got rear-ended last night on his way home from picking up Adelaide from Ballet.  Thankfully no one was hurt but it made quite a mess.  Fortunately, we had just switched cars and he was driving the Expedition so he could take Molly to an early church activity.  I’m sure the impact would have been a lot worse had he been driving his smaller commuter car.  The driver of the other car was young and had only had her license for a month.  (The picture above is of her car.)

When I drove by on my way home from teaching, they were still trying to clean up the mess.  Adelaide got a cute quilt from one of the very nice firemen who responded.  It was a blessing because she was without a coat and they had to stand on the side of the road while things got sorted out.

We rushed over to William’s Cub Scout Pack Meeting only to be surprised to see one of the same fire firefighters who was at the crash.  They were giving a special presentation on safety.  The firefighter recognized Adelaide and made sure to come over and say hello.  My heart was filled with gratitude for the efforts of that kind man and that there are people in this world who are sincerely trying to do good.

Ben took the morning off of work this morning to take the car into the shop and get a rental car.  Hopefully the insurance situation will sort itself out because just thinking about it makes my stress level rise.  At least everyone had insurance.  At least no one was hurt.  It certainly could have been a lot worse.

Henry’s Soccer Season

Henry had his last soccer game of the season on Saturday.  It was freezing and very rainy, but he led the team to a victory again.  They only lost one game all season (though no official scores are ever kept) and I figure it must be due to the fantastic coaching by my super awesome husband.  It’s been so fun to watch Henry grow as a player this year and it makes me really excited for next season.

Haunted Theater

Last Friday we took all the kids down to Tacoma to see the Haunted Theater performance put on by my old ballet studio.  It was an insanely long drive, but the kids were good sports.  William was convinced they would ask me to dance and Adelaide was desperately excited to meet my ballet teacher.  We got there early and were able to get good seats and Adelaide sat up front so that she could see even better.

I can’t explain how happy it made my heart to be in my old studio again.  I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the whole time we were there.  I had to keep from crying when I hugged  my ballet teacher.  How can time pass so quickly?  It’s been  9 years (give or take) since I was last there. Too long.  I hope I can make it down again soon.


“Mama, I like all the colors in the world.” — Adelaide


“Merry Christmas to me!” — William, seeing that I’d made bread


(After giving William a math lesson on place value and writing numbers into the hundred millions.)

“This is confusing to me.  Why are they teaching me this?  7,000,000 has never been just 7 to me.  I’ve always known this.  I’ve never known a world without zeroes.” — William, ranting


“I’m not a fan of apple juice.” — Adelaide



Our co-op classes are going so well this year.  With the exception of the first hour, all three of the older kids are in class so I only have Oliver to contend with.  It is a blessedly better experience than last year.  Oliver may be tricky to entertain at times, but I can devote all of my attention to his needs (and whims) making it a smoother ride and easier on my nerves.  I can see a glimpse of what it will be like when they are all old enough to take classes and let me tell you, it is glorious.

Our job is to help set up in the morning and once that’s done, William heads to his first class and I do a little bit of schooling with Henry and Adelaide.  They also eat a good portion of whatever items I packed for our lunch that day.

This year William is taking classes in science, art, Lego robotics and history.  Henry is continuing with chess and adding Lego engineering and physics.  Adelaide takes a kindergarten class, preschool science, and drama.  Originally, I had signed up for one more class for each of the kids but I ended up dropping them because co-op day is also my ballet teaching day and I needed an hour between the two to do math with the kids and get myself ready.

I’m grateful to have a co-op to participate in and the sense of community is provides.  I’m also grateful that it is only one day a week, because it allows me to still have time to get our regular schoolwork done.


We celebrated Ben’s 38th birthday this week with a chocolate and caramel trifle and a bunch of mixed up candles that represented a convoluted way to add up to 38.

It was a long day full of work for Ben and school and soccer practice for the kids.  We fit the dessert and presents in just before bed with plans to have a proper birthday date the following day.


For our date in honor of Ben’s birthday, we hired a sitter and went to a Sounders game sans kidlets.  I looked forward to the date all day and when it arrived it didn’t disappoint.  It was fantastic.  It’s been so long since we’ve had a fun date like that and even though the Sounders lost, it was a fun experience.  I really like this Ben of mine.  He’s a keeper!

Miss Casey

I’ve begun teaching ballet.  That may not sound like such a big deal, but ballet holds a very special place in my heart and when I made the choice to quit ballet 19 or so years ago, a piece of my heart broke.  Quitting was traumatic for me.  I spent a great many years trying to pretend like everything was okay and I ignored the very existence of ballet for the most part, but that meant that I couldn’t heal.

I started a creative healing/writing course in the middle of last year and it has done wonders for me.  Through the exercises I was able to admit that I missed ballet and that teaching was something that my heart desired.  It took me a week to work up the guts, but I inquired with a friend of mine who has her own studio and before I knew it, I was set up to start teaching two classes a week beginning in September.  A few days before my classes were to begin, I broke down in tears and sobbed through all the feelings of shame, regret, embarrassment, and deep sadness over quitting nearly two decades ago.  It was the cleansing I needed before moving on to this new chapter.

Adelaide is one of the students in my baby ballet class and it is so fun to have her in my class.  She tries to imitate everything I do and loves to dance around the house practicing the steps we’ve learned.  I also teach a class for 8-11 years-olds which is very fun because I can start to teach them actual ballet steps.  I want to make sure that I am giving quality ballet instruction no matter the size of the studio and I’ve been studying all sorts of books and curriculum to make sure I do so.  I had an amazing caliber of ballet instruction growing up and I hope to be as good as my own ballet teacher some day.


Teaching has been wonderful.  I walked out of my first day of classes feeling like I could soar through the clouds.  My heart was so full and so light.  I LOVE teaching.  I look forward to it every week.  I can see improvements in my students already which is so gratifying.  The time away from my normal responsibilities and the opportunity to do something I love is rejuvenating.  I’m so grateful that Ben adjusted his work schedule to make it possible for me to follow this dream of mine.   I will always be a ballerina at heart.